Why does Mayweather Mcgregor fight is the money match?

There is nobody, saying about money more than Floyd Mayweather. His actual nickname is money. It is a piece of “The Money Team”. They catch their checks, cars, and winning bets. This is why Mayweather Mcgregor fight match will going to be “the money match”. There are other reasons too, which makes it a real cash game. Exactly it’s a staged war between American vs Irish boxer.

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But there is a second, and that is Conor McGregor. Who collected in 2013 in the amount of 235 US dollars a week before his first fight against UFC Social Security Check, openly declare their love of money and had no problem to tell what it is – 40 million dollars in The year 2016, according to

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So, when ramps speak to resolve a fight, the two biggest lovers of money, the question remains: Will it be valuable money struggle all the time? Floyd Mayweather May 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao holds the record, with a total of 623.5 million US dollars. Can Mayweather-McGregor leave it in the dust?

To answer this question, we gather a team broker, dealer, sporting goods and currently found in the box and living in them.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor ticket sales

Sale of tickets for Mayweather-Pacquiao: 79.1 million US dollars
Estimated ticket sales for the company Mayweather McGregor: 77.1 million US dollars

The balance fight, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao in May 2015, sales of the ticket sales to 72.2 million US dollars in the amount of 16,219 tickets in the MGM Arena to sell an average price of 4.451 US dollars. If this is a new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, it is to sell more 3200 sites.

Is the math to fight, which is sold out, but not counted in the average ticket price, what Floyd-Pacquiao. Since the event is not a title match, it can qualify as a box, but it certainly does not fit as mixed martial arts. Dave will be sold for the theater. Celebrities who have virtually no UFC that could be seen all year round could pay the big money, but “not even eyepieces real significant event,” said Patrick Ryan Eventellect, company management tickets.

On the other hand, McGregor draws the crowd from Europe more than Pacquiao from the Philippines. We say that the average ticket sold is 3600 USD. Add all seats and the gate is 70.2 million dollars, missing Tor Mayweather-Pacquiao about $ 2 million.

What you can fight in a closed orbit is a bigger challenge, but the feeling is that Mayweather’s name in boxing and the UFC name McGregor could amount to 6.9 million dollars for Floyd-Pacquiao, which would be an incredible achievement,

live stream Pay-per-view sales

PPV sales of Floyd-Pacquiao: 455 million US dollars
Expected sales of PPV Mayweather-McGregor: 475 million US dollars

The average price charged for pay-per-view Floyd-Pacquiao was $ 99. Significant 4.6 million purchases amounted to 455 million US dollars.

To understand and address the price strategy, we visited Tammy Ross, who has been working for HBO for 25 years, the last vice HBO PPV. “We feel that $ 100 for a Mayweather-Pacquiao a decent price,” says Ross, who is now running his own promotional company for sports television Acclaim sports and entertainment. “I think that hurts hurts that people were later so disappointed.”

Fans who bought the pay-per-view sued Pacquiao and his promoter Top Rank for lackluster combat, which gained some legal traction when after the fight was clear that Pacquiao had a previous injury.

“I think we thought it would not be something like that again, but if it were, it would be this,” Ross said. “That’s why I think they should pull back $ 100 and let Conor begin talking.”

Ross tells UFC fans and box fans the total number of purchases to see the Mayweather Pacquiao exceeded. So we call it 4.75 million purchases, which would lead the fight to $ 20 million victories over Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Mcgregor Mayweather boxing Sponsorship sales

Sponsoring sales of Floyd-Pacquiao: 18.4 million US dollars
Expected sponsorship sales of Mayweather-McGregor: 22 million US dollars

Five sponsors pay 13.2 million US dollars to support Floyd-Pacquiao, led by Tecate, who pays a whopping 5.6 million US dollars. Expect alcohol sponsor will be the highest paid and McGregor counted whiskey brands that fight for their importance in the growing category in the US. The three films – “Terminator Genisys”, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and “Southpaw” also encouraged combat.

Floyd Mayweather also won from Hublot and FanDuela on his shorts and a million dollars from Burger King put $ 1 million to have the king as part of his way in the company. Pacquiao’s sponsor base was worth 2.25 million dollars.

“I think the sponsorship for Mayweather-McGregor joins Floyd-Pacquiao,” said veteran marketing manager Ben Sturner of Leverage Agency, who sold sponsorship packages for the top bout. “This fight cuts both sectors, boxing, and UFC and I think everyone who wants to be at the time of this fight is relevant to taking the chance to pay big money to be a part of it.”

McGregor potential may depend on how much Reebok lets it do it with suitcases and other brands. Expect Mayweather to take the highest bid on plátnutí on shorts. Either way, we call Conor Floyd’s top Floyd Manny’s sponsorship of nearly $ 4 million.

Mayweather Mcgregor fight Sale of goods

The sale of products for the company Mayweather-Pacquiao: 1,000,000 US dollars
Estimated turnover of goods for Mayweather-McGregor: 2,000,000 US dollars

The fact that Mayweather-Pacquiao won a million dollars of goods is amazing. He stood there because of the large business machine company Mayweather, which for more than 60 sets of brand storage and trademark belongs. One of the phrases that you will be on t-shirts, hats, and anything that can be printed is 50-0, the record will be when you play McGregor.

The fight may not have as much cache, but the company Mayweather will still be bigger this time and you can not count with search engine marketing UFC on McGregor in combination.

Nevada gambling game about Mcgregor Mayweather fight

Estimated Nevada bet on Pacquiao-Mayweather: 70 million US dollars
Expected bets on Nevada-McGregor Mayweather: 30 million US dollars

Accurate figures on the overall handle Floyd-Manny is not easy to determine, as the box is classified as “others” in relation to the statements gambling. However, in May 2015, when he fought Floyd-Manny, the overall rating “total” gambling stick was “81 million dollars.”

ESPN reporter David Chalk Purdue estimates that of 70 million dollars. This fight with him or not.

Why? For this, we go to Wynn Sports Director John Avello.

“First, you must have put a lot of money on Mayweather even a little,” said Avello.

Mayweather opened in favorite 25-1

“Second, betting would be pre-crossover for both fighters,” Avello said, especially McGregor in the box. And finally, it’s just not for any title. This is important. ”

That’s why Avello says to bet on the fight hand creates a total of less than half of the Mayweather-Pacquiao.

So, these are the reason why This Mayweather Mcgregor match called “the money match” If you interested to enjoy this match, then you can make a membership to Showtime PPV online live or just follow the link I shared. Thanks
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