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Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather and warned fans to be “very tiring” evening when you’re ready for his own kick back with undefeated Americans. Pacquaio, 38, is now preparing for his WBO welterweight title against Jeff Horn and took the time to talk from the training camp about Superbase in Las Vegas.

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The challenge, which is organized at 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas August, seems to be losing the most lucrative fight in any case, but Pacquaio told the fans that it is likely “exhaustive” problem McGregor has zero chances in this Fight. In fact, it could be extremely tiring, “said Pacquaio Yahoo Sports.

“It’s absolutely impossible that Floyd will be able to make a significant impact.” “How good?” “He had no experience in boxing.” “The real fight and the best fight is Gennady Golovkin. Canelo [Alvarez]. This is a fight we will follow. “Pacquaio fought Mayweather himself in May 2015 in the highly anticipated welterweight paternity situation, the” The Battle of the Century, named by defect scores.

In any case, the fight ended up being a mistake, with Mayweather against McGregor Fight including incredibly guarded strategies and Pacquiao trying to get an attack on the American. Mayweather won over 12-wheel consistent decisions has been reported to the challenge of being “never too late.”

Pacquiao, the best elf on this planet, Timothy Bradley and Jessie Vargas because of this destruction and the expectation that could trigger a top-triumph lucrative rebuff with Mayweather.

On the chance that there is a possibility, why not? I’m ready, “Pacquiao said a possible retaliation with Mayweather.” But once we focus on the fight. I think we should … horn, look at another battle. This fight is not yet done: “I know that my body I’m ready, I do not believe a little (horn), I have not listened to him, and I was gone.”

Mcgregor Mayweather live

Manny is an unconditional condition to win the circumstances. We need a rebuff with Mayweather, “said his longtime Freddie Roach mentor.” With Mayweather must look against the opponent, you need to be impressive. “Roach also admitted that the crew Pacquaio may be prematurely terminated opportunity, the deafening deterioration horn lasted, with specialized 29letého record 16-0-1.

“If they fight in the battle, it can be done,” said Roach. “What’s more, depending on how lost I would probably be forced him to retire.” But I expect that Manny in this fight will be the best. I’m looking for an important victory. We must go to bigger and better things.

It is either the seizure of thousands of years, in the form of cash or cross-code, of an evil being always, but finally, what we know for sure is that this is happening. One-resigned unbeatable boxer Floyd Mayweather will perform against the biggest stars of the UFC Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

It was, as years felt hypotheses about the battle, with great verbal abuse on both sides. In either case, both candidates have announced that it is safe. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true boxers with a 49-0 record that meets a man who has never participated in a professional boxing match. But here’s all you have to think about the fight.

What is today’s battle and when?

The fight will take place on Saturday, August 26th. While the circumstances were reported, it will definitely be too late at night or solid launch for observers in the UK, so I hope to do good Sunday, August 27th and possibly on Monday phone spending, the 28th.

Where does it battle?

The meeting will be placed in the area of ​​T-Mobile on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. This setting had a real battle ahead, including UFC 202, in which McGregor defeated Nate Diaz for a photo shooting.

How can I watch Mcgregor vs Mayweather live on TV?

Small items are not confirmed, but the fight will be compensated for any occasion that is fixed by Showtime Sport. The cost was not selected, but it is necessary that the price of 99.95 US dollars for Mayweatherovou battle in 2015 with Manny Pacquiao, who won a record of 4.4 million paid purchases. “It’s a truly unique opportunity,” said Stephen Espinoza, who leads Showtime Sport. “We’re really seen in today’s story that looks like it’s hard to predict how many deals to do it.”

What are their combat records?

Mayweather joined in 2015 with undamaged field 49-0. It is generally considered better among the other guard’s competitors and proud of its ability to consider the discipline with the appropriate development of the ring which also makes changes to the victory for Mayweather when a previous heavyweight exceptional Rocky Marciano drove that also make close balance Who qualified in the qualification 49-0.

McGregor, the highest world champion and UFC predecessor winner in the World Cup, is so much known for his bomb, which refers within the MMA octagon to its unstable knock out power. Irish 28-year-old man has been the main champion of the UFC is revealed with two straps at all times, as in November last year, Eddie Alvarez in New York for the title easily.

UFC loss against Mayweather Boxing Mcgregor his belt shortly after the battle, he said he enjoyed some free time after he and his long-time accomplice Dee Devlin had their first child in May. Known for his extravagant and feature impressive roles McGregor is too sharp and unrelated to the legs, but few would have supported him to beat the boxer at all.

What are the principles of boxing battle?

The fight will be held according to the rules of boxing and will hold a huge test for joint military craftsman McGregor when he is going against one of the best boxers ever going.

McGregor adding to the competitors will use 10-ounce boxing gloves, instead of gloves UFC and will not be allowed to use leg kicks or breaks that are used within a joint military art. McGregor will guess 154 pounds, said UFC President Dana White for ESPN.

Watch Mayweather fight against McGregor Online as Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor live on pay-per-view fight is the fight still more than a month away, but Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition against Conor McGregor is in full bloom this year’s weather week. Conor McGregor to see that Floyd Mayweather held out in four rounds in Las Vegas.

Both assistants are in the midst of a four-year halt holding a special four-day visit – which includes every circle Friday at the Londoner Wembley Arena. Unnack sack now comes and insults under experienced online network. This visit “one man” is “battle before the battle”, which we can say, and some believe that it will be more compelling than what happens in the ring.

ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael and his partner Brett Okamoto MMA are here to find all the stops of the visit Mayweather-McGregor and offer their individual score, which gains verbal battle.

There was much activity in the news opener meeting with both men getting their offer of hard shots, but Mayweather, returned from an almost two-year retirement, has been in good shape as he missed a day on a special trail.

McGregor began a decent start with the pleasure of the Mayweather diving suit, but Floyd is a regular starter modest in evaluating what the opponent puts on the table. According to McGregor beautiful shot reigned late mocking how problems issues Mayweather reveals is Mayweather – reliable excellent counter-dominated toughened gaping wound on McGregor “He considered suitable for a seven-figure fighter who .. .. to look at the eight candidates useful But I have nine warriors’, He told Mayweather, praising his winning strength much bigger than McGregor.

McGregor expects fourth round KO and Mayweather countered to achieve something that does not always make up. – Knockout of his own expected. “I’ll promise to go or get on my back,” said Mayweather. “And how would you go?” Closes the first round, Mayweather, but it restricts the protection and the, unlike McGregor.

Besides McGregor, unlike the crazy fake white coat was disappointingly forgotten visitors to stop New York. Still, he felt you in London, comfortable getting close to this visit to his favorite Ireland and he had a great racquetball trip. At the end of the day was the most popular group, and it seemed that they encouraged. Likewise, he entered a much happier condition than seemingly angry Mayweather, who will have no motivation to disappoint if he will make a huge amount of dollars for a single fight. Whether it is possible, I get lost.

McGregor praised for change with genuine positive sales to celebrate his 29th birthday, he remembers that he is lucky enough to have the ability to go from the main sights in martial arts and mega fight in just four years. Regardless of when Mayweather despised him, McGregor declined and said he has a “quadruple sum total.” It has an incentive to be cheerful.

It was not disrespectful and gave Mayweather a double middle finger when he went ring boxovskému, where she stopped the visit. McGregor came in big throws the general manager of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe for his interesting clothes (what was the jacket?) And continued his daily attacks on Stephen Espinoza movie showtime, a great game while it is still known as “weasel”. A McGregor let Floyd know: “This is my ring! I’m a box! ”

McGregor was quiet and did not pass anything, and when he died, Mayweather lay, McGregor wiped his bald head. It was shocking that he got, but Mayweather giggled as he did. At this point, assume that a KO “quiet trick” will win in four rounds.

If the ball was in microphone Floyd Court, it was not funny or funny when you were screaming man questionable things annoying and constant pointing to the misogynist and homophobia not developed. When fans dared “to pay his obligations to droning continue, but they can fight for not” a b “.

At that moment he had a terrible power. He pointed to the UCTE president Dana White and revealed him to be a “pimp”, and that McGregor is the “he”. Including a few homophobic offenses. Pity value.

At that moment, Conor and all the others who had revealed that “the whip in the octagon.” Mayweather would not step in the octagon, and he knows it. One day after being bullied completely in Brooklyn, McGregor returned to his best performance visits.

It was a celebration of his 29th birthday, the planning is amazingly recent. He boasted that entertainment in the teenager (and in a short time) change, but also showed weakness. “Every day I was stunned,” he said. His point was less: “Look how great I am,” and the sky is the limit here. “You can change your life if you bring it into my psyche.”

McGregor cares about companies when they try too much, and that was the situation on Friday. He talked with truth and still fit into the incredible jokes at the age of Floyd Mayweather and his election shoes raised under a visit to carry me around taller than he was.

He asked the impending destruction Mayweather’s heir to his boss Leonard Ellerbe and completely defeated Stephen Espinoza movie showtime – which is one of the bad things that you can do when faced with martial arts news: a dress that everyone recognizes will come back to you.

McGregor also took the fight back to the end (it’s really one for the end so many!) Say: “Bulls – currently being completed the month and a half, I’m a fool rests ..” Mayweather, then again, it was exhausting and Emotionally over dumb enough homophobic to decipher as loudly as possible in his speech.

The game on the back legs can be incredible tension and Mayweather did well on this occasion, the fourth attack but the material was old, his transport was outrageous and only needed to sit and stop talking. It was a convincing round of visits to me – and most critical because they needed to compensate for the disaster that Brooklyn was.

Stop in Los Angeles was very sweet. Metro Toronto was just as interesting. Mayweather McGregor and tagged creativity in his words, their particular showdown almost looked like outdated rap-battles. But what happened Thursday night in the center of Barclays was a great exercise pointless – unless you were tied with the observation as they go through it for about half an hour, making others annoy and inspire more obscene than normally relative, And as such is about two hours after the act, when it was originally booked.

This meeting was the intelligence about the less hostile and less crazy. This was the third day to connect Floyd (who was hanging in the Irish flag) and Conor (without a shirt and in a fake white smock – which focused on a form of articulation) together, and they were basically the new material to the Drifting demonstration both off.

McGregor has certainly got a case of Mayweatherové back on her IRS problems, means putting him in a sexual offense and also tried to realize that his advisor Mayweather “moved me, child,” the sooner someone knows racist. McGregor scores that go with him and the head. But at this moment he stepped into the channel: “You do not know I’m half black?” “Better believe I was half dark.”

Mayweather diversion was also fragile. McGregor called b – again and again. The right to completeness. Again, he insults McGregor as sadness when he tried to avoid the accident, MMA and said he never stopped. At that moment, he began to meander their money and began to collect a lot of real money all over the stage, some of which are immersed in a group of spectators.

McGregor, who grabbed one of the accounts, was brilliant in his drive to the green: “We all are!” Overall, it was crazy, rough, bigot, misanthropic, disrespect and bad personification last two stations. Now the visit of the shark is reflected, but Mayweather would give less resistance. source- espn

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